Block Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. Any Hirer wishing to hire the Sports Centre’s facilities for a specific event, or a short or long-term block booking must complete the Booking Application Forms provided by the Sports Centre. The form must include a start and end date.  The Sports Centre is closed on Bank Holidays.  
  2. Invoices will be issued monthly in arrears. Invoices must be paid within 21 days of issue.
  3. Bookings where payment is made in arrears – the Hirer will be issued with a monthly invoice. Any hirer failing to pay an invoice by the required deadline will not be allowed to use the Sports Centre.
  4. In the event that the Hirer wishes to cancel a block booking, notice of cancellation must be put in writing, giving a minimum of two weeks’ notice.
  5. Any request to change or cancel a booking/session must be made in writing by emailing: . The Sports Centre will aim to reply within 48 hours of request. 
  6. To cancel a single session, a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required. Less than 48 hours’ notice, the full fee will still be charged.  Should a hirer regularly cancel their sessions, their block booking may be withdrawn.
  7. All bookings include a 10-minute change over period to set up/take down equipment, where appropriate. We kindly request that all your participants co-operate with the Sports Centre staff and other Hirers during this period.  Do not play sport when setting up/taking down of equipment is taking place.
  8. The sub-letting of facilities is not permitted; all bookings are personal to the Hirer concerned.
  9. The booking can only be used for the purpose stated and may not be used by the Hirer to generate private income. Hirers who wish to use the Sports Centre to deliver sports or coaching activities must have adequate indemnity insurance, a written Child Protection Policy (where children participate in the booking) and be affiliated to any relevant governing body.  The Hirer will be required to provide written evidence of compliance with these terms and conditions, to the Sports Centre Manager, before the booking commences.
  10. The Hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the facilities or its equipment, either personally by themselves or by their participants.
  11. The Sports Centre accepts no responsibility for any personal injury, or damage, or loss of property sustained by the Hirer and their participants or any other persons arising as a consequence of hiring or use of the facilities at the Sports Centre. Claims made against or expenses incurred by the Sports Centre in respect of any personal injury, or injury to, or loss/theft of property arising as aforesaid, are required by the Sports Centre to be met by the Hirer.  Hirers that are sports clubs are required to hold their own Public Liability Insurance; a copy must be submitted with a booking application.
  12. The Sports Centre reserves the right to close any facility if, in the opinion of the Sports Centre, the facility is unfit for use e.g., weather or unforeseen circumstances. The Sports Centre Duty Officer will inform the Hirer on the day.
  13. All Hirers using the Sports Centre facilities must behave in a seemingly manner and conform to any regulations in force, with respect to the site and comply with any instructions they may receive from the Sports Centre staff.
  14. No food or drinks (with the exception of water) are allowed in the Sports Hall. No alcohol will be brought into the Sports Centre or it’s grounds.  
  15. Appropriate clothing must be used when using the facilities. No black sole marking training shoes are allowed in the Sports Hall.
  16. Hirers are reminded that the Sports Centre is situated on a school/educational campus and there may be young children on site. Hirers must ensure that facilities are used correctly and individuals accompanying or belonging to the Hirer maintain proper order whilst using the Sports Centre.  
  17. The Sports Centre is located in a residential area. Hirers will respect the Sports Centre’s neighbours and keep the noise levels down to a minimum, again, avoiding foul and abusive language.
  18. Hirers must park in the areas provided and use overflow parking if necessary. No cars will be left on site after the Sports Centre closes.
  19. Changing rooms are to be left in a clean and tidy condition. Furthermore, bottles, food waste etc. must not be left on the playing areas.  Litter bins are provided in the Sports Centre.
  20. The Sports Centre will not enter into any price negotiations due to any lighting or equipment defects at the Centre. If the Hirer wishes to raise any concerns, they should do so verbally to the Sports Centre Duty Officer on duty and then in writing to the Sports Centre Manager.
  21. Use of any external filming/broadcasting or promotional material must be agreed by the Sports Centre Manager prior to the event/activity. The recording of images (video & photograph) by members of the public attending events booked by the Hirer is strictly forbidden unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Sports Centre Manager.  All requests will be subject to consideration.
  22. This is a no smoking site. Anyone found to be smoking onsite will be asked to leave immediately.
  23. The Sports Centre if it deems necessary, and at its sole discretion, may at any time and without previous notice, cancel any booking of the Sports Centre facilities. The Hirer shall have no claim whatsoever against the Sports Centre in respect of the booking or the cancellation thereof.
  24. Hirers failing to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions will be liable to forfeit use of the Sports Centre.
  25. Hirers indicate their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions when submitting booking form.

  26. 3G Block Bookings
    There is a minimum booking period of 32 weeks (8 months) for all 3G block bookings.

    Payment is as follows:

    A pro-rata payment covering 8 weeks, invoiced following the first 4 weeks (1month). This covers weeks 1-4 and weeks 28-32. This payment is non-refundable if a booking is cancelled.

    A subsequent 7 payments invoiced in arrears each month.   

    Bookings include a close of one week during the Christmas break.

    Any cancellations or closures made by the Sports Centre will not be charged.

    2022-2023 season.
    Start date – w/c Monday 5th September.
    End date – final w/c Monday 24th April.
    Christmas shutdown – Monday 26th December – Sunday 1st January  

  27. Sports Centre Block Bookings
    The minimum booking period is 12 weeks.

    The Sports Hall will be closed throughout the year for College events. All hirers will be made aware of these closures in advance.

    Payment for blocks is covered in point 3 of these Terms and Conditions.

    Any cancellations or closures made by the Sports Centre will not be charged. 

  28. Casual Bookings
    All casual (one-off) bookings are to be paid in advance of the activity at the Sports Centre reception. Bookings to be made via email .

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