Fitness Suite


Excite Live  

The Technogym Excite line makes training more fun and inspiring for any age or fitness level with its myriad workouts and countless entertainment options.  

Equipped with treadmills, cross trainers, climbmills, skillmills, three types of bike and Concept2 rowers and ski-erg.  

  • Technogym Coach. Your own personal assistant. Built into to every piece of equipment, Technogym Coach will motivate and guide you so you get the most out of your exercise time. 
  • Technogym Sessions. An online trainer by your side. Start your engaging and motivating journey with a personal trainer at your fingertips. 
  • Technogym Routines. Choose your goal and follow along.  
  • Train anywhere in the world. Explore breath-taking scenic locations that will inspire you to go the extra mile. 
  • Personal entertainment including Netflix, Youtube and much more. Make exercise more motivating with the widest range of entertainment just a touch away. 


Resistance Machines  


Training designed to make everyday life easier.  

  • Kinesis enables progressive functional training made possible thanks to an exclusive selection of unintimidating equipment designed around human movement  
  • These machines provide unlimited functional training possibilities translating into everyday movement skills. 
  • FullGravity Technology is the only innovative technology that allows users to perform movements with resistance through all planes of movement.  


Selectorised Resistance Machines  

Equipped with Technogym selectorised lower body strength machines, making training more enjoyable and effective than ever. 

  • Easy to set up and easy to use, including QR code for set up tutorials.  
  • Best movement technology. Designed to put you in the optimal lifting position for a safe and effective workout with optimal posture.  
  • Best workload. Workloads are distributed according to movement trajectory to produce the optimum torque throughout the complete range of motion. 
  • Biomotion. It reproduces the natural movement of the body through a specific range of motion, ensuring resistance remains constant from start to finish and creating an exceptionally fluid movement. 
  • Optimal Grip. A better grip for every hand so you can maximize contact and apply your maximum strength in total comfort during pushing and pulling movements. 
  • Physiocam. It varies the resistance output to follow the natural strength curve, since muscles are weaker at the beginning and end of their range of motion and stronger in the middle. The feature is particularly beneficial for deconditioned users and rehab patients. 


Free Weight Area  

A non-intimidating space where everyone is welcome, whether you are looking to get into free weights or advance your training.  

Our free weight area is the perfect space for your weight training. Equipped with power racks, smith machine, cable station, Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells (1-30KG), adjustable benches, kettlebells and more.  

Studio Cycling and Dance Studio  

Our purpose-built Fitness Class/Dance Studio with mirrors and sprung floor, is home to many of our Fitness Classes.  

Perfect for dance, martial arts groups and all fitness activities.  

Equipped with 12 Technogym Group Cycles used for our Studio Cycling classes.  

Personal Training 

One-to-One and Two-to-One available with our Level 3 Personal Trainers.   

Learn proper technique, gain the knowledge of how to transform your fitness and keep motivation by being accountable to a trainer.   

  • Weight loss/weight gain  
  • Injury rehabilitation  
  • Performance and sports specific training  

Enquire at

Cambridge City Council Exercise Referral  

Find out more about the scheme and how to get a qualifying referral here  



  • Sessions times 15:30 – 16:15  
  • Under 16 years memberships available including unlimited gym and swimming.  
  • Cardiovascular equipment only.  
  • Year 10/11 Students of Chesterton Community College may access the free weights area. 

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