Group Exercise

Fitness Classes

Our Group Exercise timetable is designed for all abilities.  

Our classes are categorised into  

  • Aerobic  
  • Strength  
  • Relaxation

Categories can be found on our timetable. 

Whether you are new to exercise, looking for some motivation or want to learn how to correctly perform exercises our Group Exercise timetable is a great place to start.  

Our classes are always designed to provide a motivating, interactive and social place to train.  

Whether you are a pre-paid member or casual, it is quick and easy to book all classes via our app.   

Return to Fitness 

Return to fitness program in partnership with Cambridgeshire County council for women looking to get active.  

A FREE 8-week programme designed to build confidence when starting on your fitness journey.  

Introducing a new class each week with one of our qualified instructors, aimed to get you active, provide lifestyle advice and most importantly set you up on your fitness journey.  

  • Train with likeminded people and gain the confidence to continue beyond the 8 weeks.  
  • Classes include core, Pilates, body tone, Yoga, a fitness suite session, dance aerobics, kettle bells and HIIT.  
  • 60-minute sessions including 45 minutes of work and 15 minutes of lifestyle advice and weekly catch ups.  

For more information and to enquire about our next course email

Fitness Class Descriptions  

  • Aquafit – An instructor led water aerobics session aimed at improving fitness, tone and balance. 
  • Body Conditioning – Specific exercises to enhance overall physical fitness, focusing on the entire body rather than isolated movements. The goal of total body conditioning is to improve general fitness, strength and heart rate, rather than muscle growth. 
  • Bootcamp – An intense outdoor workout focused on high intensity intervals through bodyweight training.  
  • BoxFit – A high paced interval class incorporating boxing techniques, drills and conditioning exercises for a full body workout.  
  • Ballet Workout – The ballet workout is all the ballet steps without the complicated combinations so ideal for beginners and older people or also those recovering from injury. It can also be a way in for younger people as a ballet class is like interval training, with balance, strength, aerobics and flexibility/mobility exercises. 
  • Endurance – Build your muscular endurance with our endurance-based strength class. Led by our skilled instructors, structured on high-repetition resistance exercises, this class pushes your limits whilst emphasising the importance of proper form to improve your conditioning and tone.
  • Hatha Yoga – Uniting the mind, body and spirit! Take control of your body in this relaxing, alternative approach to fitness. Effecting more than just your physical wellbeing, our varying forms of Yoga will bring balance to your nervous system and generate energy whilst calming the mind. Just one class of systemized stretching, can guide an absolute novice down the right path. By encouraging the realignment of bones and muscles to improve your internal dynamics, you’ll experience a sense of harmony unlike any other. 
  • Ladies Fitness – This keep fit class is a popular choice, helping women of all ages and abilities improve their figure and fitness in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Using a varied style of exercises you’ll gain a healthy perspective and shapely results in a ladies only environment. 
  • Mobility – A dynamic session that focuses on the mobility of our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints to best help avoid injury. These include flexibility, balance, pliability, and strength
  • Movement – A dynamic session that will focus on getting you to move better and more freely to remove the everyday aches and pains. Led by our skilled instructors, this class teaches you how to train resistance with an emphasis on challenging range of movement and flexibility.  
  • Pilates/Pilates Conditioning – Focusing on the muscles that support the spine and keep posture.  This class will help you to strengthen those deep core muscles and teach awareness of breathing. 
  • Strength – A dynamic session tailored for muscular strength. Led by our skilled instructors, you will be challenged to lift higher weight for lower repetitions, through a combination of compound strength and bodyweight exercises. This workout will build strength which will help to reduce the risk of injury whilst refining your technique.
  • Studio Cycling – A high intensity spinning class where the lights are dimmed low and the music jacked up focusing on the rhythm of the music to help you not only forget you’re exercising but also enjoy your time in the saddle. For first timers and hardened cyclists who want to sweat while having fun. 
  • Super Circuits – A mix of high intensity exercises designed to improve body conditioning, strength and fitness.  
  • Tempo – A dynamic session centred around deliberate time-based resistance exercises. Led by our skilled instructors, you’ll learn how to control your resistance training and the importance of this to build strength whilst improving muscle control, endurance, and overall performance.

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