Swimming Brochure 

Session descriptions

  • Early morning swim – A great way to start your day. Wake up with an early morning lane swim. The pool is split into three lanes (fast, medium & slow). This session is for over 16’s only. 
  • Lane swimming – Enjoy a relaxing swim. The pool is split into three lanes (fast, medium & slow). This session is for over 12’s only. 
  • Adult lane swimming – Enjoy a relaxing swim.  The pool is split into three lanes (fast, medium & slow).  Whatever your speed there is a lane for you.  This session is for over 16’s only. 
  • 60+ Swim – Exclusive use of the pool for a more sedate swim. An open session. 
  • Floats Fun – Splashtastic fun with floats and rafts in the water.  Great fun for all the family! 
  • General Swim – Absolutely everyone welcome.  An open session. 
  • Aqua Fit – An instructor led water aerobics session.  This session is for over 16’s only. 
  • Swim Fit – An instructor led intense workout.  Improve swim stamina with a blend of technique, circuit training and coached pool work. This session is for over 16’s only. 
  • Party Hire: Floats Fun – Splashtastic fun with floats and rafts in the water.  £110 for 50 minutes.   Suitable for a maximum of 30 children. 
  • Party Hire: Determinator Inflatable – £150 for 50 minutes.   Strictly over 8’s, must swim 50m and be comfortable in deep water.  Suitable for a maximum of 30 children. 


Swimming Guidelines 

The Swimming Pool operates on a session basis. Your admission fee entitles you to attend one session. If you wish to stay on for the following session you must pay an additional entrance fee. 

  • All swimmers must leave the pool at the end of the session when the whistle is blown. 
  • Admission commences at the start of the session. No money will be taken, or customers admitted prior to this time. 
  • Admission charges are fixed and not negotiable with staff. 
  • All swimmers must shower before they enter the pool. 
  • For safety reasons no child under 8 years of age will be allowed into the pool unaccompanied by an adult.  An adult may accompany a maximum of two under 8’s into the pool.
  • No running on poolside 
  • Weak or non-swimmers must be fully supervised whilst out of their depth (within arm’s reach of the individual supervising).
  • Diving face masks, Fins and Snorkels are not allowed in the pool. 
  • Approved Hand Paddles and Training Aids including Centre Snorkels can be used during lane sessions or with prior permission from the lifeguard. 
  • Please ensure forward entry in the pool at all times. 
  • No diving below 2 metres (including sitting dives). 
  • No food permitted on poolside.  Sports drinks must be in secure sports cap bottles. 
  • No outdoor shoes are permitted on the poolside or in the shower area.
  • The use of Photography is strictly prohibited in the Changing Rooms, Swimming Pool and Pool Spectator area.  This includes the use of mobile phones and digital imaging equipment. 
  • Admission is at the discretion of the staff.
  • Appropriate Swimwear: Swimming Costumes inc.  bikinis and tankinis, swimming dresses, close fitting long and short sleeved shirts, swimming trunks, knee length board shorts, swimming shorts & lycra leggings.
  • Young Children: Swimming trunks, Swimming shorts, Bikini’s/Tankini’s, Swimming costumes, Float suits, Neoprene “float jackets”, Knee and elbow-length suits, Swim nappies (Swim nappies must be worn by children not yet toilet trained, and are available for purchase from reception).
  • Inappropriate Swimwear: Underwear, or any garment with obscene or offensive pictures or slogans. Denim or heavy garments, including cotton leggings, long flowing clothes and baggy t-shirts.
  • For the health and safety of all bathers our team of professionally qualified lifeguards will give advice, please adhere to the advice offered. If you do not follow the instructions, you may be asked to leave the pool and no refund will be given.
  • Sports bags cannot be stored on poolside.

Please note we do not allow customers to borrow items of lost property such as towels, costumes or goggles


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